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ASCO's evidence-based clinical guidance documents include Guidelines, Guideline Endorsements, Guideline Adaptations, Consensus Guidelines, and Provisional Clinical Opinions (PCOs). In addition, ASCO disseminates this guidance and provides support for implementation in various media.All evidence-based clinical guidance documents are published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (JCO).  Data supplements and methodology supplements are published on and the ASCO Guidelines Wiki. ASCO develops Clinical Tools and Resources (CT&Rs) to accompany clinical guidance documents. For each guideline, a PowerPoint slide set, a Summary of Recommendations Table, and a patient guide are developed. If applicable to the topic, a decision aid/discussion guide, flow sheet, or algorithm could be developed. The CT&Rs are available on and the  ASCO Guidelines Wiki. ASCO promotes the guidelines using other communication strategies, such as, through notices on ASCO's Facebook account, the ASCO Express, ASCO Connection, ASCO Post, and other membership communication strategies. In addition, ASCO develops press releases for the Media. ASCO also promotes guideline dissemination and implementation through its Annual Meetings, Disease-specific symposia, and State Affiliates.Quality indicator statements may be developed for the guidelines and may result in quality measures used in ASCO’s Quality Oncology Practice Initiative. Members of the Practice Guidelines Implementation Network (PGIN) act as ambassadors for ASCO's Guidelines and Clinical Tools and Resources by using a grassroots approach to inform others about these resources.





ASCO is committed to helping oncology practitioners implement ASCO Clinical Practice Guideline recommendations. ASCO formed the Practice Guidelines Implementation Network (PGIN) to provide perspectives on guideline implementation from community-based oncology, academic medicine, oncology nursing, oncology pharmacy, and practice management. PGIN was formed in late 2008, under the leadership of Edward Balaban, DO. The PGIN is primarily made up of members of ASCO State Affiliates, ASCO’s Clinical Practice Committee (CPC), Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), and Hematology Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA). PGIN functions under the auspices of the ASCO Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee, with support from the Clinical Practice Committee. New members are welcome and encouraged. Please contact to learn more and join PGIN.


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